ICS-8 will be held at the Banff Centre . The Banff Centre is a world-renowned arts and culture center as well as a spectacular conference center. The facility is on a small mountain on the edge of the Banff Townsite.

Our meeting will be held in Max Bell Building. We will have the entire building to ourselves. There is an amphitheatre that seats more than 300 people, and two classrooms that we can request tables and chairs for breakout meetings or poster boards for poster sessions. As well, we have a large foyer and lounge where we will have wine and cheese gatherings around posters and displays.

Accommodations are in Lloyd Hall or the Professional Development Centre, and meals will be in the Donald Cameron Hall Main Dining Room.

We will do our best to help you experience the many things Banff has to offer visitors. The Banff Centre, for example, will be putting on some interesting cultural activities for the meeting participants.