We are going to book a bluegrass band for an evening wine, cheese, and beer social gathering on Sunday March 26.

On Tuesday March 28, we will have an evening showing of the “Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival”. This will be a compilation of critics’ and people’s choices from The Banff Mountain Film Festival. It’s highly entertaining, begins with a brief speech by someone involved in the festival, and is nothing short of inspiring.

We are going to schedule a free afternoon on Wednesday March 29 so that everyone who wishes can take in at least one outdoor activity such as Nordic or alpine skiing.

On Thursday March 30 we are going to have a formal banquet.

Other Activities Around Banff

Downhill skiing in Sunshine near Banff ($64.95 for a full day ticket):

Downhill skiing in Lake Louise ($64 for a full day ticket):

Look for recent snow fall, conditions, weather, web camera photos, rentals, shuttle bus services, lift ticket prices...

Shuttle bus operates between Banff and Sunshine, and a return ticket costs $14.
Bus schedules and pick up places can be found at
There is also a bus service to the Lake Louise ski resort by a return price of $20. The bus schedule is on-line at

Places and conditions for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (or maybe even hiking) in Banff area:

Almost every sports shop in Banff provides rental gear, as do the ski resorts, but here are a couple of examples:
The Ski Stop

The package prices for a beginner are $20-$25, and for an intermediate or advanced skier $30-$35 per day.

Other winter activities could be dog sledding:

...or caving:

There are many good on-line travel guides available and here are a few: