We are in an exciting time in the history of substorm research. Recent developments based on satellite and ground-based observations and our increasing understanding of the role of plasma physical processes in the substorm are allowing us to answer long-standing questions and uncover interesting new questions. Upcoming missions such as THEMIS and MMS will provide new insights into the substorm and essentially all aspects of magnetotail dynamics.

During ICS-8, we are going to highlight recent results in substorm research, survey our current state of understanding as well as key unresolved issues and set the stage for THEMIS which should be launched only several months after the meeting. ICS-8 is going to be held at the Banff Centre in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The meeting is timely, and the venue is outstanding. We are looking forward to hosting the international space science community here in Canada this coming March.

Eric Donovan on behalf of the Scientific Program Committee



ICS8 Second Circular (PDF)